ATRI Articles


Articles of interest for aquatic therapy disciplines.  Delve into specific diagnoses and techniques, business related topics, and general concerns applicable to aquatic therapy and rehabilitation practitioners.

Aqua Yoga for Arthritis

By Christa Fairbrother, RYT-500, ATRIC, Certified Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Instructor

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The power of aqua yoga for arthritis is not in any exercise but in the philosophy of yoga. We ask people to do things with their bodies with a different attitude that has real benefits for people with arthritis.

AquaStretch™ Overview

By George Eversaul, A.P.H.

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This article summarizes information and describes the Basic Procedure used to AquaStretch and discusses the four ways of finding AquaStretch Pressure (Fulcrum) Points.

Ai Chi Progressions

By Ruth Sova, MS

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Ai Chi offers a myriad of benefits to clients. Explore ideas/options to progress your Ai Chi practice to achieve balance and core stability, changing focus to find peace,  strength and tone, and cardio training.

Release – Restore – Return / Rehabilitation Utilizing AquaStretch™ Techniques

By Beth Scalone, PT, DPT, OCS

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AquaStretch™ is a unique combination of the client’s active, intuitive movement with manual pressure and assistance into end range from the facilitator.  This technique often provides immediate reduction of symptoms and improved mobility allowing a more rapid progression of rehabilitation.