About AEA Providers


A Continuing Education (CE) Provider develops and conducts educational programs in the U.S. and abroad to educate professionals.  Programs should be specifically designed to train group fitness leaders, personal trainers, athletic trainers, therapists and others involved in the fitness industry.  These programs should be designed to increase professional levels of skill, knowledge and leadership in the field of aquatic exercise, fitness principles or related fields. 

Once a Provider is approved and given AEA CE Provider status, Providers are issued credit hours based on theoretical and practical application and/or involvement.  AEA reserves the right to adjust credits based on materials and/or course content.

It is encouraged that all AEA Certified Professionals and/or AEA Arthritis Foundation Program Leaders participate in a variety of continuing education programs to further enhance leadership and teaching skill.  As Attendees of AEA Approved Provider events, you must obtain a CEC form or Course Completion Form from the approved provider to verify your attendance!  If you do not receive the CEC form or Course Completion form, please contact the AEA Approved CE Provider directly.

If an AEA Certified Professional and/or AEA Arthritis Foundation Program Leader attends a course that is offered by a non-approved AEA CE Provider, they must submit a petition form for credit. The petition form is located in the Certification Renewal area of the website.

If you are a provider of education in the health & fitness industry and want to apply for AEA CE provider status, you can apply HERE.