Elite global leaders providing AEA trainings and educational workshops. Specialists (Trainers) are also well-known Continuing Education Providers and help AEA in the development and delivery of the AEA-branded online and in-person education.


Nino Aboarrage  

Nino Aboarrage is the director and a professor of Hidroesporte Water Activities Center. He teaches aquatic exercise, swimming and biomechanics at the University Center of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil.    


Gina Bastidas 

Gina has more than 25 years of experience in fitness and has specialized for the past 7 years in aquatic fitness.  She is a national/international presenter for various organizations and works cooperatively with the Mexican Swimming Federation.  Gina has successfully organized many events to improve the level of education and participation in aquatic fitness in Mexico.  


Javier Bergas del Rio 

Javier Bergas, BS, is a primary school teacher, International AEA Training Specialist and the fitness director and product manager of Ego Wellness Resort in Lucca, Italy. He is an aquatic fitness and swimming instructor for various populations.   


Roxana Brasil 

Roxana Brasil is an international AEA Training Specialist and a Hydrorider Master Trainer.   She is the coordinator at Velox Fitness, owner of Universidade Fitness at Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, and is currently in the Doctorate program at Valencia University.   


Giorgia Collu 

Giorgia Collu is an international AEA Training Specialist, a Hydrorider and FIN Master Trainer and was awarded the 2012 AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Global Award.   She is the creator of the popular Aqua Fluid Pilates and Water Polo Gym programs.   


Daniela De Toia 

Dr. Daniela De Toia is a sports scientist. Her areas of expertise include babyswimming, pre- and postnatal and functional training on land and in water! She manages a brand new pool and fitness center and educates all trainers.   


Vanina Delfino 

Vanina Delfino holds many certifications, is an international AEA Training Specialist, swim instructor and CEO for WaterCYCling and Acquamar in Argentina.   She was the recipient of AEA’s 2017 Aquatic Fitness Professional Global Award.    


Monica Escanero 

Monica is a Master Trainer in Sport City University in SC Aqua program. She studies anatomy applied to rehab. Monica has been an aquatic instructor since 1991. Specializes in Aquapilates. She has over 20 years of experience in the fitness world as a personal trainer and over 15 training instructors.     


Mushi Harush   

Mushi Harush, MA, has been an international AEA Training Specialist since 1994 and is the Founder of the Israeli Aquatic Exercise Center.  She is the proud recipient of the 2005 AEA Global Award, Contribution to the Aquatic Fitness industry.   


Asa Hellstrom 

Åsa has been active in the fitness field more than 25 years and worked professionally for 20 years with aquatic fitness as instructor, innovator, educator and author.  Former competitor in Race Sailing and Gymnastics, she holds a degree in Physical Education Teaching from the Swedish University College of Physical Education and Sports. Married with three children, Åsa lives on the island of Ekerö.      


Katrien Lemahieu 

Katrien Lemahieu is the co-creator of the BioExercise program and CEO of Kataqua, a Netherlands organization known globally for quality training in a wide range of aquatic styles.  Katrien received two AquaEmma awards and the Tsunami Spirit Award.   


Ian Levia 

Ian Levia travels extensively educating thousands of individuals. Constantly seeking new ways to improve and empower the lives of others, recent trips to Thailand, Korea and Philippines have helped him shape new and exciting methods of fitness.   


Mee-Hee Park 

Mee-Hee is the founder of the Korea Aquatic Exercise Association (KAEA) and organizes an annual conference in Seoul that attracts international presenters and attendees. She has taught over 20 years in the fields of aerobics and yoga and is a requested instructor for the National Sport for All Council.  Mee-Hee is a former AFAA Korea Consultant and is currently completing her Aqua Meditation program.   


Haylley Pittam-Park

Haylley is an experienced personal trainer, aquatic fitness instructor, swimming coach, and GP referral consultant. Highly qualified, her main areas of focus include pre & post natal, pelvic care, stroke therapy, and diabetes. She teaches both swimming and aqua aerobics to elite and recreational athletes. Haylley has written and delivered workshops accredited by CIMSPA around the UK and internationally.


Silvia Senati 

Silvia Senati is an AEA International Training Specialist, author and a master trainer for aquatic fitness since 1998.  She is a master trainer for ThaiFit Water Kombat and specializes in combat style, choreography, toning and HIIT for land and water.   


Cristina “Tinoca” Senra 

Cristina (Tinoca) Senra, MS, is the owner, CEO and a trainer for Mundo Hidro in Portugal.  She is an AEA International Training Specialist and presenter, an Ai Chi trainer and a Star 2 international trainer for Anti-Gravity.