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By Einat Meiri Vatner, MA

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Enjoy the benefits of water exercise and a workout on land within a single training session.  Learn the benefits, recommendations, and reservations for a fusion format that blends land and water training.

Exercise - Adolescents and Depression

By Melissa Plumeau, BS

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Depressive disorders in the United States are on the rise, especially for adolescents. Capturing a sense of playfulness and combining it with carefully designed programs can help to reduce depressive symptoms in youth and promote better overall health, not just mentally, but physically.

Movement for Healing & Health

by Javier Bergas, BS

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Research shows that physical activity, such as running, swimming, bicycling, walking, weightlifting, dancing, can offer positive effects on mood, quality of life, and mental health.  Thanks to the inclusive and healing nature of movement in water, each of us has the potential to help our community.


By Andrea Ronchi

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A perfect combination of the movements of African dances and gestures adapted to aquatic fitness.

Let’s Talk About Death with a Smile in Our Hearts

By Cristina (Tinoca) Senra, MS, and Renata Tarevnic, PhD

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A few years ago, we came across a book that surprised us with its title – Death is a Day Worth Living (Arantes).  Yet, it has helped us both professionally and personally.  Taking care of someone is the greatest victory in the face of illness and it's an excellent reason to search for a new look at life.