Aquatastically Adapted

by Ronda Brodsky MS

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The pool should be a safe environment for all to enjoy.  Make the effort to adapt swimming skills for those with special needs – I promise you will receive as great a reward as your students.

Movement Chef

by Javier Bergas, BS

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Creating a class plan is much like baking a cake.  To ensure the class is well-received, we must know the physical capacities of our students, whether they have specific needs, chronic conditions, etc.  Become a movement chef.


Aqua Kids Challenge

By Einat Meiri Vatner, MA

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Explore two types of aquatic training for kids (children only classes and family-oriented programs) and find innovative ideas for each class.  A platform for personal development in many dimensions, connecting to ourselves, to our body, to others, and to our most important treasure – our children.