Explore our innovative, in-person educational workshops offered by AEA Aquatic Training Specialists with programs for both deep and shallow water.  The wide range of topics provide hands-on learning for aquatic fitness professionals to keep classes and personal training sessions up-dated with industry trends and research. 



AquaBata Shallow. Deliver the next level of training to your aquatic programs with high Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), including the specialized Tabata format. Minimal choreography, maximal results!

  • Aquatic Circuit Applications 2. Explore instructor-guided and self-guided methods to provide optimum results with innovative ideas that fuse cardio and resistance training to help participants achieve fitness goals.
  • Aquatic Interval Applications. Create dynamic interval formats for the pool that can be adjusted for various ages and abilities through Work: Recovery ratios, movement tempos, exercise choices and impact options.
  • Deep HIIT & Sculpt. Double up your deep-water training with two great formats for group exercise classes and one on one training. Add cardio challenge without impact and add resistance to achieve muscle conditioning.
  • H2O Circuits. Creative aquatic circuit options use a variety of equipment for total-body training. Teaching tips and class suggestions to put circuit training back on your list of favorite formats.



  • Core Training + Stretch Techniques. Core training techniques include standing, traveling and buoyant options to develop dynamic strength for improved function, with options to meet a variety of goals and skill levels.
  • H2O Body Sculpting & Resistance Training. Add resistance, through the use of equipment and body positions, to create a fitness program targeting muscular strength & endurance, range of motion and balance.
  • Upper Body, Core & More. Fun, force and function applied to basic arm patterns build progressions for all goals and abilities. Integrate unilateral and bilateral upper body moves and impact variations for core benefits.



  • Aquatic Cardio Programs. Explore key concepts for safe, effective and enjoyable shallow-water aerobic programs. Creative sequencing, smooth transitions and movement variations help you develop a unique program.
  • Deeper Applications 2. Updated information and creative fitness formats to promote continued progressions in your deep-water classes and personal training sessions. Experience training to target both cardio and core.



  • Aging Actively with Aquatics. Safe and effective aquatic training that promotes cardiorespiratory and muscular conditioning, flexibility, cognition and neuromotor skills can help participants stay active for life. Practical applications for the Online Ed Course: Active Aging with Aquatics.
  • Rated M for Mature. Baby Boomers and beyond want a training program that meets their needs and interests, while accommodating special concerns, such as fear of falling. Develop purposeful movement to achieve balance, coordination, mental awareness, posture, and range of motion.



  • Aquatic Kick Boxing. Innovative, safe and effective aquatic kick boxing is great for group fitness instructors and personal trainers.  Learn movement modifications and adaptations for the pool.
  • Ballology. Put the fun back into fitness with an inexpensive, universal equipment option – a small, pliable ball. Explore effective techniques to challenge cardio conditioning, coordination and core training.
  • Boot Camp Deep. Take your boot camp to the deep and experience suspended training with a high intensity, non-choreographed workout. Various body positions and specific training drills that utilize the pool wall.
  • Boot Camp Shallow. Push participants past training plateaus with shallow water training designed to target fitness components of agility, balance, coordination and speed in addition to cardio capacity.
  • Next Level Noodle. Move to the next level with creative cardio, targeted toning, and core concepts...all with the pool noodle. Explore all impact levels  and modifications for all ability levels in this fun-focused class.



  • Lesson Planning Tips & Tools. Ensure great outcomes and program adherence with well- planned professional classes. Methods and strategies to help you design classes to keep your participants coming back.
  • Motivational Methods. How can you welcome, encourage, and motivate participants – especially those with chronic conditions? Discuss class dynamics and motivational methods to keep your programs filled.
  • Enhancing Your Leadership Skills. Enhance your balance, coordination and movement execution for safe and effective class leadership. Strengthen your teaching platform to better lead your students.