These infographics are contributions from the students in these courses studying with Dr. Lori Sherlock, AEA Specialist, Advisory Board Member and long-time leader in the aquatic health and wellness industry.


West Virginia University is the home of the only Aquatic Therapy Emphasis in the nation.  The Aquatic Therapy Emphasis is an optional track offered to Exercise Physiology students and consists of 3 courses and an internship.  The courses utilizes both lecture and pool-laboratory sessions to provide students with a well-rounded aquatic knowledge base.  Aquatic fitness, therapy, and facility management are the cornerstones to this emphasis. 

Stoke / CVA

by Hunter Auck

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Strokes and cerebral vascular accidents (CVAs), what causes them, and how we are able to provide rehab and improve quality of life for the individual. 

HIP replacement

by Caleb Strakal

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Hip replacement – what it is, different types, common populations affected, and how the aquatic environment helps the individual.