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IAFC 2022 Session Highlight:  More Bang for Your Bike Circuit
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More Bang for Your Bike Circuit

By Triple Delight Aquatics

Make a splash with circuit training that takes ya’ from 0 to 60 in fun, fast-paced, station rotations.  Centered around the bangin’ beats of sticks coupled with bikes.

Feeling ho-hum about your regular exercise routine?  Well, ‘beat’ back boredom with this fun-tastic shallow and deep circuit training.  Designed to help improve postural alignment and strengthen and tone the arms, abs, and legs.  This engaging, fast-paced, full-body, cardiovascular workout incorporates aquatic bikes and sticks.  It’s time to change up your fitness flow with resistance, revolutions, and your favorite road dogs from around the globe!

Why combine aquatic cycling and drumming?  So glad you asked, and here’s the short-n-sweet  answer.  The main goal of aqua biking is to provide participants of all ages and fitness levels with a safe, low-impact, high-intensity workout that combines the benefits of the water’s resistance and traditional cycling (with a greatly reduced risk of pain or injury).  When transitioning cycling into the pool, participants can usually sustain exercise for longer periods with less effort and less fatigue on their muscles, joints, and bones all while increasing blood flow from the hydrostatic pressure on the body. 

You can’t beat that with a stick, or can you?  Another good question TDA is happy to answer.  Yes, you can with aqua drumsticks. You thought aqua biking was fun? Just add weighted sticks to the aquatic mix for a splashing, crashing good time to rhythmic, Afro-Latin music that will help relieve stress and release endorphins (those ‘feel good’ hormones) throughout the body. Work smarter, increasing resistance by lengthening the leverage of the upper limbs. You will use isometric muscle contractions to control movement and increase training intensity. The water turbulence generated by participants will create the need to engage all muscle groups, including postural muscles, and challenge balance. Your students will have such a great time they won’t realize how hard they’re working!  Hey, we won’t tell if you don’t!

Combining these two modalities with bangin’ beats makes for one excellent, new format highlighting exercises to help improve balance and proprioception.  And that, ladies and gents, is how More Bang for Your Bike Circuit was born. So, have fun incorporating these new moves into your classes.  Your students will thank you.


Triple Delight Aquatics, LLC, is a multi-talented, team of three dedicated instructors with 37 years of experience leading group exercise in water and on land.  As international presenters and continuing education providers, the team assists instructors with incorporating fun & safe combinations into challenging, dynamic workouts. They collaborate with Fun & Fitness Travel Club. Visit www.lgtotalfitness.com  for more info!

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