Since 1984, AEA has been the proven leader in aquatic fitness education, offering basic to advanced levels of training. AEA provides multiple learning avenues for all aspects safe and effective aquatic fitness, programming for arthritis and related conditions, as well as general health and wellness topics.  AEA education provides fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts with a vast selection of topics through independent online learning, virtually live sessions and in-person education and training. 

  •  - Led by industry professionals
  •  - Topics include HIIT, Arthritis, Choreography, Dual Depth & More
  •  - Up to date applicable theoretical lectures
  •  - Detailed Practical Applications
  •  - Earn from 1 CEC to 15 CECs 

  • Created by topic and industry experts, our self-paced online education courses provide a variety of topics and course lengths (1-28 CECs/CEUs) to meet your specific needs and schedule. Expand your knowledge and learn and earn continuing education hours for your AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification, ATRI Certification or AFAP/AFEP Program Leader.


    Online Ed courses are designated into three categories (AEA Online Ed, ATRI Online Ed, AEA Cert Prep) to help you choose applicable topics.  


    AEA Cert Prep Courses - https://aea.thinkific.com/collections/Cert-Prep-Courses


    AEA Online Ed Courses – https://aea.thinkific.com/collections/aea-online-ed


    ATRI Online Ed Courses - https://aea.thinkific.com/collections/atri-online-ed


    All Courses - https://aea.thinkific.com/collections/courses


Hover/Click on the photo below to access the menu items or click over the EDUCATION menu above and select from the scroll down.  

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Online ED FAQs

Is my AEA/ATRI account log in the same for my Online Education account? AEA/ATRI accounts and Online Education accounts are separate logins and are not automatically linked.  Most instructors choose to use the same email and password for both, but this is a personal preference.  If you have any issues logging in to either account, simply reset your password on the login page. 


How long do I have access to the courses I purchased?   Unless otherwise noted, most courses are accessible for one year. 


How do I access the courses I purchased? 

Here are three ways to Online Education Account. 

  1. Follow the link in the enrollment email.  Note: This email might have ended up in your spam folder. 
  2. Go to our website, click on Education and then Online Education.  Log in with the email address and password you used to create your Online Education account.  Your AEA account and your Online Education account are two separate things, so it's possible that you created a different password for each.  You can reset your password for either account anytime when you're at the login page. 
  3. Click here and save this link for future reference. (https://aea.thinkific.com/)

After you log in, click on your Dashboard (top left of menu bar) and search for the course.  Click on "Start Course" or "Resume Course" to access the course.  Note: The "Course Overview" only provides a general overview; it will not get you into the course.


My course said it comes with a course completion certification.  How do I download my course completion certificate?  Log in to your Online Education Account, click on your account (top right corner), and click on Certificates. Note: the course must be 100% complete in order to issue a certificate.  Make sure you’ve clicked “Complete & Continue” at the bottom of all your course modules. 


Why is the course video not playing?  Videos play best from Chrome, Mozilla, or Firefox browsers.  Safari is not very compatible for playing videos. Note: Not all courses include video components.


I completed the Aquatic Fitness Professional (AFP) Online Prep course but haven’t received my course completion email.  Make sure you have click “Complete and Continue” at the bottom of each lesson and/or module.  


I’m having issues uploading assignments.  Please watch this tutorial video. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xrz7svareusrrxb/How%20to%20Upload%20Assignments.mp4?dl=0