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2 Days of In-Person Workshops Featuring Jackie Lebeau

October 9 - 10, 2021

Charlotte, North Carolina

Southminster – 8919 Park Rd, Charlotte NC 28210


Early Bird AEA Member Registration Deadline: September 15, 2021


Space is Limited-Register Now!

  • Advance Registration Required, NO ONSITE registrations accepted.

  • Questions? Email info@aeawave.org – Phone 888-232-9283 or 912-289-3559

Early Bird AEA Member Package Options: Must Register by Early Bird Deadline

Lunch is included at this location for Full Day registrants

Saturday & Sunday Workshops for $209.00

Saturday OR Sunday All Day Workshops $119.00


Ala Carte Workshop Fees:

2-Hour:  $49 Early Bird AEA Member      $59 Late and/or Non-Member

3-Hour: $59 Early Bird AEA Member      $69 Late and/or Non-Member                                  

4-Hour:  $79 Early Bird AEA Member      $89 Late and/or Non- Member

Saturday October 9

9:00am-12:00pm – Boot Camp Shallow                      

Push participants past training plateaus with a platoon of shallow water training designed to target fitness components of agility, balance, coordination and speed in addition to cardio capacity. This no-nonsense workout formula delivers high-intensity training options, with and without equipment, to maximize results.

CECs: AEA/AF 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 2.0, NASM 0.3


1:00pm-4:00pm – Aquatic Cardio Programs

Discover the key concepts necessary to create safe, effective and enjoyable shallow water aerobic programs. Creative sequencing, smooth transitions and movement variations will help leaders to develop a unique style of choreography or movement progression.  CECs: AEA/AF 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, NASM 0.3

Sunday October 10

9:00am-1:00pm – Tidal Mania & No Equipment, No Problem

Tidal Mania - Take your athletic conditioning class to the water! Generate intensity in your aquatic cardio classes without compromising your participants' safety.  Have your class sweatin' and swearin' by the time they're done with these intense stations and grounded recovery.

No Equipment, No Problem -  Intervals within intervals and choreography sequencing with no additional equipment required!  No equipment, No problem is a fast paced class which continues to build upon itself so that each series is a more challenging version of the previous set. CECs: AEA 4.0, ACE 0.4, AFAA 4.0


2:00pm-4:00pm – Seamless Shallow

How can you take a common exercise and make it new? We’ll talk about every exercise you’ve ever tried in the shallow water and discuss progressions and regressions of those base movements. Add flowing transitions to create a linear flow with no repeats to fill an entire class! CECs: AEA 2.0, ACE 0.2, AFAA 2.0


Your AEA Specialist for the Weekend….

Jackie Lebeau, MS, is the senior director for fitness & instruction at The University of Virginia as well as a training specialist for AEA. Jackie, owner of JLA Fitness, travels internationally to provide continuing education for ACE, AEA & AFAA certified instructors and personal trainers. She is well known for her high energy presentation style.

Hotel Suggestions for AEA Participants

Held at:  Southminster, 8919 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28210


3.2 Miles (Newest Hotel)

Hampton Inn and Suites - 11935 N Community House RD, Charlotte, NC 28277



3.5 miles-10 minute drive

Springhill Suites Marriot - 12325 Johnston Rd



3.5 miles-10 minute drive

Homewood Suites Hilton - 12030 Copper Way



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