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Shallow & Deep H20 Workshop, Kick up your Cardio Combinations, High Intensity Intervals & Circuits Training, Arthritis H2O, Games, Partners & Team work Workshops

Start Date Friday February 28, 2020 9:00m-5:00pm

End Date  Saturday Feb 29, 2020  9:00am- 5:00 pm

Event city: Clemmons    

State:  NC

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Presenter Name:    Deborah Wyatt  

Contact Name/Phone: WaterART Fitness International Inc. phone toll free 1- 866 543 8938
Contact email:        info@waterart.org

Website www.waterart.org 

SHALLOW & DEEP H2O  WORKSHOP:  Realize that each water depth requires specialized skills, unique moves and unique benefits. Let's review a variety of moves, working and/or body positions and program designs to skillfully teach both water depths simultaneously. This program will review techniques to provide multi-level options and opportunities for your participants for both non impact and low impact water training. Our goal is to provides leaders with functional techniques to design a water group exercise program for a variety of ages, skills and fitness levels. This workshop will provide instructors with a general structure of designing both shallow and deep water classes- simultaneously. Review skills on how to command a class with both visual and verbal teaching cues. 

KICK UP  YOUR CARDIO COMBINATIONS:  If you need creative ideas for multi level shallow water classes – this class is for you! Learn how to mix and match working positions with basic movement to create variations and combinations to keep your classes energized.  No choreography needed – just make the movements flow with changes of direction, speed and intensity levels. 

HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL & CIRCUIT TRAINING: Experience the energy! Keep your advanced participants motivated, add variety and challenge encourage aerobic and muscle conditioning by providing interval sets or circuit stations. This calorie burning session is an excellent workout that will open your mind and body to exercise possibilities in a water environment. Suitable for people of all levels of fitness as this program is geared to promote self-paced exercise;however, assume that we are introducing advanced techniques and intensity for those who crave “advanced”.

ARTHRITIS H2O WORKSHOP:This program provides many ideas to introduce the noodle into an Arthritis program safely. The noodle can be used to encourage functional and full body movements to target muscles and joints required for performing normal daily activities. See the many ways the noodle can assist or challenge the many participants suffering with this chronic condition. Learn simple exercises to target cardiovascular training, functional fitness, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility training at an appropriate intensity level for self paced exercise.

GAMES, PARTNERS & TEAM WORK:Want to add variety to your group classes? Stop that talking? Get people moving off “their” spot? Then throw in some games and group and partner team work. Find that kid in everyone; use the properties of water for functional daily activities while having fun. Introduce one or all – You can use these ideas as a “fun” segment or as a complete class.


Instructor Bio Deborah Wyatt currently teaches a variety of programs at the Lowe's YMCA including aquatic boot camp and aquatic running with regular group exercise classes. She has been an instructor for 30 years (land and water). She is a Certified in Shallow & Deep H20 Instructor, Aquatic Arthritis and Aquatic Senior Certification, Aquatic Rehabilitation and Aquatic Personal Training.

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