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WaterART Event in Clinton NJ

Shallow H2O Splash & Kick Up your Cardio Combination Workshop(Sat) & Aquatic Toolbox Workshop (Sunday)

Start Date Saturday, June 13,  2020 - 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

End Date  Saturday, June 14,  2020  8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Contact Name/Phone: WaterART Fitness International Inc. phone toll free 1- 866 543 8938

Contact emailinfo@waterart.org

Website www.waterart.org

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Low impact or High intensity – shallow water may be used for all ages, skill levels and types of programming. Review how to build a creative shallow water program utilizing working positions to vary impact and intensity. Learn hundreds of movement variations and techniques provide with and without a noodle to better provide multi-level options and opportunities for your participants to  benefit with water exercise. The course is geared towards very practical and enjoyable education. This workshop will focus on putting a safe, effective and enjoyable and balanced program together. Time will be spent on visual and verbal cuing to masterfully blend cardiovascular sets with muscular strengthening and stretching.  Focus will be spent on teaching the parts of a class for a balanced and total body program. Get ready to move and learn the infinite ways to build a purposeful program for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. We welcome everyone to attend for ideas, tips and helping to build purposeful programs.


If you need creative ideas for multi level shallow water classes – this class is for you! Learn how to create and develop variations and combinations to keep your classes energized. Make the movements flow with changes of direction, speed and intensity levels. Learn how to mix and match working positions with basic movement to create variations and combinations without the complication of choreography


Discover infinite ways to make programs interesting and effective using either buoyant or resistive equipment -stuff that floats versus stuff that sinks.  This training workshop will provide a smart system to progress or intensify all exercises. Conversely, modifying or decreasing intensity will be reviewed. Learn to target all major muscle groups using the properties and protection of water.  Build a varied and interesting gym of the future. Equipment such as open and closed cell noodles, splash balls, dumbbells, flex paddles, cuffs, tubing, fit bands, steps and buoyancy belts may be utilized. Guaranteed ideas and energy to keep your programs growing and benefiting!

Instructor Bio- Janet Rollero is a Master Trainer for WaterART Fitness. She holds an ACE Personal Trainer Certification, AEA Certified and the owner of Healthy U Personal Training Studio.  She is passionate and committed to bring her knowledge and experience of 17 years in the fitness industry to those who want to improve their overall health. She is located in Whitehouse Station, NJ and travels often spreading her knowledge and experience of WaterART Fitness principals. Janet's positive energy is really contagious.  She will move your mind, body & spirit to the next level!

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