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IAFC 2022 Session Highlight:  P3 (Pop, Power, & Plyo)
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P3 (Pop, Power, & Plyo)

By Patrick Goclano

Do you want to offer your classes and clients a fun and energetic workout? This high intensity training format incorporates fun current pop music, powerful movements, and plyometrics to top it off.  Train hard without the use of equipment. 

After an impromptu opportunity last year, IAFC 2021 opened my eyes to what teaching was like at IAFC.  It was like nothing I had experienced before, and I knew I wanted to do it again. As a first-time presenter, I am excited to bring you one of my favorite classes. The first “P” is Pop – this is the music.  You need a good, fun beat to enjoy while working out. I always want my students to push themselves a little every time and this is how we will see improvements. Music can be an excellent motivator.  The second “P” is Power – make sure you include some power training to benefit to all populations.  From activities of daily living to athletic training, power is important. The final “P” stands for Plyo. I love adding plyometric-type training in my workouts to challenge my students when appropriate.  Propelled activities in the pool are great for cardiovascular training and a demanding leg workout that is easier on the joints.

At IAFC, we will try one of my favorite combos that adds the "plyo" element.  Start with a level III front kick (both legs kick simultaneously) followed by a  level II stomp on the pool bottom and ending with a propelled jump as high out of the water as possible.  You can add a tuck for more of a challenge! Repeat this a couple of times and your participants will definitely find their heart rates elevated.

Music has been a lifesaver when it comes to teaching and instructing. I have learned that music is a great way to connect with students. Music selection should take into consideration what you like, as well as what appeals to your participants. I have taught classes where I selected music that I did not enjoy, and it showed. I was looking at the clock and so were my students; this made class unbearable. When I switched to Yes! Fitness Music, all of that went away. There are so many options to choose from that you can find something that everyone enjoys. Pop music is my go-to genre and I really enjoy the beat that Yes! Fitness Music adds – it gets me excited to teach. It is not just about the song, but if I like the song and it has a good beat, it is in my playlist. Then, I can have fun with my participants, singing along or doing a couple of dance moves. I am no singer or dancer, but this puts a smile on my students’ faces, and they keep coming back for more. 


Patrick Goclano works full time in IT for school districts and teaches aquatic fitness part time. Patrick has taught aqua fitness since 2012 and most recently helped transform the programming at the Mandel Jewish Community Center in Beachwood, Ohio. Patrick holds multiple trainings and certifications in aquatic fitness and specializes in high intensity and deep-water workouts.


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