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Practical Gifts for New Parents

Practical Gifts for New Parents

By Jennifer McGregor

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for the new parent. What can you get your loved ones who already have everything they need for their little bundle of joy? Instead of baby gear, consider giving them items that are useful or timesaving. New parents are adjusting to life with a newborn, so they’ll be getting less sleep and won’t have as much time for cooking, cleaning, or self-care. Treat them to some much-deserved pampering with these gift ideas.



Creature Comforts

New parents should be comfortable because taking care of a newborn is a full-time job. Let’s help them get cozy with these gift ideas.

  • Practical Nursing. A new mother needs her nursing t-shirt to be comfortable. These shirts allow practical accessibility for nursing while being flattering to her figure.
  • Entertainment. There may be times when the new parents can’t sleep because they’re attending to their baby. Let them enjoy some entertainment with some streaming service gift cards.
  • Not-So-Fast Food. When new parents are too tired to prepare a meal from scratch, it’s time to give them a meal kit service subscription. Meal kits are prepared ingredients for a recipe that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. 
  • Relaxing Decor. New parents are stressed. Help them relax by picking up some calming decor like an indoor plant, piece of art, or a unique crystal or polished stone.

Around-the-House Helpers

New parents will appreciate gifts that will save them time that could be spent with their baby. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Versatile Cookware. Multi-cookers like the Instant Pot can save time for busy moms. There are recipes for multi-cookers that allow dishes to be cooked in a matter of minutes.
  • Auto-clean. Robot vacuums can be set to vacuum your floors and carpets while you sleep. Let the new parents have one less thing to worry about with a robot vacuum.
  • Hands-on. A maid service will clean your house. A housekeeping service will do what it can to help out. They will clean, do laundry, run errands, cook, and some may even take care of your baby if they offer that service.

Free Time

New parents still get free time here and there. When this happens, these gifts will help.

  • Dress Rehearsal. New parents can get clothes delivered to their door, use the clothes for a week, purchase the items that they like, and return the rest. This is what clothing subscription services are like. It’s actually a styling service, and they will try to send you clothing that matches what you like and look good on you.
  • Warm Embrace. If a new parent has free time, chances are they’re going straight to bed. Make their sleep more comfortable with a weighted blanket. They’re warm, and they kind of feel like they wrap you in a weighted embrace. Studies suggest that they help you sleep better.


Give the new parents things they can use every day. Make sure they’re comfortable, get a little more rest, and have the chance to be pampered themselves.


Jennifer McGregor is a pre-med student, who enjoys writing about health and medical topics and providing reliable health and medical resources. Together with a friend, she co-created PublicHealthLibrary.org as a way to push reputable information on health topics to the forefront, making them easier and quicker to find.

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