Aquatic Coalition Best Practices-Sept 1, 2020


Getting Back To Class… Are We Ready?

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It will happen.  Our world, our countries, and most of our facilities and our classes will reopen.  Some sooner than others, but most facilities and pools will reopen post-COVID19. 

Sadly, we realize that some facilities and pools will not, and for those individuals impacted by this, we send encouragement that other opportunities will be realized. AEA knows the importance of regular exercise for health and wellbeing, as well as a source of income for fitness professionals across the globe.  We want to help you move forward as part of the AEA family.

AEA would like to provide resources and share ideas regarding starting back up your classes and personal training sessions.  We encourage you to also share input – motivating ideas, scheduling tips, resources, and even your concerns.  Together, we can all become better prepared for this next phase of our aquatic fitness journey.

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